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Thank you so much for helped us hit the USA Today bestseller list with Cursed Lands! I’m so excited (not to mention relieved!) that all the hard work paid off and I’m now a USA Today bestselling author. 

We put together Cursed Lands as an exclusive boxset specifically to hit the USA Today list, so it’s now been withdrawn from sale. Sadly, this means that The Shadow Games isn’t currently available to buy, but I will be re-releasing it as part of a new series in 2020, so watch this space!


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Alison Ingleby is a young adult fantasy and sci-fi author and disaster geek. She spends her days wondering what the future will be like and hoping it’s not as bad as the worlds in her head. 

When not writing, Alison loves reading, Yorkshire Tea and hiking in the mountains. Her dream is to live by the sea in a Scottish castle (preferably one with central heating and hot water).

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