Expendables cover

**Described as “gripping”, with “unique characters and unexpected twists”, Expendables is the first book in a brand new dystopian series**

Two societies.
A London divided.
A history lost.

Aleesha is an Outsider. If the government find her they’ll kill her. She survives each day by looking out for herself. And trusting no one.

Trey is an Insider. He never knew what the Outside was like until he finds himself hunted by his own people for an unknown crime he didn’t commit.

Drawn together by forces outside of their control, Aleesha and Trey must learn to work together. It’s not just their lives that are at stake. It’s their country’s future.

Set in a disturbingly realistic vision of a future London, this fast-paced dystopian thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger GamesDivergent and The Maze Runner.

Ebook and Paperback now available: Amazon

Plain Jane and Once Upon a Twist covers

What if the ugly duckling doesn’t want to be a swan?

When the disfigurement that’s tormented Jane for years mysteriously begins to fade, she’s faced with an impossible choice. Her beauty could save her. Or it will kill her. And the boy she loves.

This story of sacrifice, betrayal and intrigue flips the classic fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, on its head and proves once and for all that beauty comes from within.

**Available for a limited time in Once Upon A Twist: An Anthology Of Unusual Fairy Tales**

Can a faerie’s love save an island of people from death?

When a deadly virus threatens his family, Fin MacLeod looks to an ancient clan heirloom to call the faeries to their aid. In his heart, he knows they don’t exist… until a beautiful young woman proves otherwise. 

Fin will sacrifice anything to save his clan, but is the sacrifice his to make?

A standalone retelling of the Scottish legend of the Fairy Flag of the MacLeods. Available for a limited time in Breaking The Myth: A Collection of Unusual Myth Retellings.


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I’m Alison. I write dystopian sci-fi fiction for young adults and adults who are still young at heart. As a former emergency planner with an interest in climate change and sustainability, I spend a lot of time wondering what the future will be like.

Some of my favourite things: reading, Yorkshire Tea, exploring new places, feeling the wind in my hair, climbing mountains, being by the sea. 

I live with my husband and our campervan, Sadie, in West Yorkshire, England. 

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