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Book 2 of The Wall Series is here!

They thought the truth would bring people together. Instead, they started a war.

When Aleesha and Trey hand over the secret files they found in the basement of the government headquarters to the media, they hope it will bring Insiders and Outsiders together. United, they would have the power to rebel against the oppressive government.

But in dystopian London, things never go quite to plan….


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I’m Alison. I write dystopian sci-fi fiction for young adults and adults who are still young at heart. As a former emergency planner with an interest in climate change and sustainability, I spend a lot of time wondering what the future will be like.

Some of my favourite things: reading, Yorkshire Tea, exploring new places, feeling the wind in my hair, climbing mountains, being by the sea. 

I live with my husband and our campervan, Sadie, in West Yorkshire, England. 

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