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What if the only way to be loyal is to betray?

As an illegal citizen living Outside the Wall, Aleesha is used to surviving. Her cunning and willingness to trade sides where necessary has finally got her to a position of relative security. She has enough to eat, a bed to sleep in and her illegal status is still a secret.


Or so she thinks.


Aleesha thought she knew everyone on her gang's patch. But when a stranger accosts her on the street and tries to recruit her to work for his organisation, it's clear that he knows way too much about her past. Aleesha soon comes to realise that the fate of her gang, and herself, depends on the decision she's being forced to make. And she only has 24 hours to choose.


When your world is built on lies, what do you do with the truth?

Aleesha is an Outsider. As an unregistered illegal, she has learnt to live under the government's radar. She seeks the truth about her missing father - the father she believes can help her escape to a better life Inside the Wall.


Trey is an Insider on the run. Chased by the government's sinister militia, he suddenly finds himself Outside the Wall. His life of privilege has been turned into a fight for survival.


For seventy years the Wall has divided London. Now someone wants to change that. Brought together by a mysterious gang, Aleesha and Trey each make their own bargains and sacrifices to stay alive and find out the truth about their pasts. As they learn more about the foundations on which their society is built, they realise the truth could break down barriers. But will it create a more equal society, or destroy everything they hold dear?

Set in a disturbingly realistic vision of a future London, this fast-paced dystopian thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner.

Expendables is due for release in November 2017.


Photo of Alison

I'm Alison. I write fantasy fiction for young adults and adults who are still young at heart.

Things I like: reading, Yorkshire Tea, exploring new places, writing, the wind in my hair, mountaintops, the sea. 

I live with my husband and our campervan, Sadie, in West Yorkshire, England.

The first book in my dystopian series is due to be published in November 2017. If you can't wait until then, curl up with a cup of tea and a free copy of the prequel novelette, Outsider.

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