The Alteruvium Expanse

The Alteruvium Expanse is a collection of short stories for science fiction and fantasy lovers. They can be read in any order and are perfect for readers who love great stories but are short on time. Find out more at The Writers’ Quarrel.

Here’s Alison’s contribution to the series…

Red Sun Rising cover

Humans are visiting Taur. But do they desire peace or war?

For the first time in Taur history, another species will set foot on their world. It is intended to be the start of an amicable relationship but Tadia suspects the humans are not quite as peaceful as they seem. As protector, it’s down to her to keep the dome safe, and the taur’s precious elladium secret.

When the visit takes a disastrous turn, it’s up to Tadia and her team to stop their technology from getting into the wrong hands. But as they race against time, Tadia realizes that the price of success may be higher than the price of failure.

If you enjoy sci-fi stories with a twist, then you’ll love Alison Ingleby’s contribution to the Alteruvium Expanse.

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