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Today, I’ve got an interview with L.J. Higgins, who describes herself as an author of “fiction with an intriguing twist”. She’s the author of the dystopian series Secrets of Aurora, The Dreamer Trilogy and standalone novel, On Delicate Wings.

I caught up with L.J. in the run-up to the launch of Eden, the second book in the Secrets of Aurora series. The books follow Aurora – a young girl who’s discovering the shocking truth about her world. Read on to find out more about what inspired L.J. to write Eden, how she keeps her creativity flowing and where she writes her books. 

Hi, L.j., great to chat to you! Let’s start with an easy question. Which part of the world do you hail from?

Central Queensland in Australia

What was the last book you read and would you recommend it? 

I’m reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas and am thoroughly enjoying it. I definitely recommend lovers of fantasy and kick-ass heroines pick it up.

Where do you write your books and what’s your choice of drink and music to keep you typing away?

I have a desktop computer set up in the main area of my house. Green Tea and water are my go to drinks and although I love music I prefer silence when I write. When I take a break I listen to a wide range of music but my favourite band is Linkin Park.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a reformed pantser. My first few books I was definitely pantsing but I find now that I plot each book out it gives me a clearer vision on where I’m headed, but there’s still room for movement and story changes.

Aside from writing and reading, what else are you passionate about?

My family and finding ways to keep my creativity flowing. I paint, draw, dance and practice yoga.

What three books have influenced your style of writing or the themes you write about the most and why?

I couldn’t pick just three. I think every book I read influences me in some way. A lot of the themes in my stories come from documentaries I’ve watched or articles I’ve read.

L J Higgins

Which of your books are you most proud of and why?

With Utopia and Eden of the Secrets of Aurora Series I feel like I’ve really hit my groove when it comes to writing and they have great flow.

Tell us about your latest series, The Secrets of Aurora. Where did your initial idea come from and why did you choose to write this book?

I’m always asking myself ‘what if’s’ and with this series I asked ‘what if the world was wiped out by natural disasters?’ I’d been reading articles on shelters and floating homes and one of the ideas that stuck in my head was the idea of cities floating above Earth. As I worked the story over in my mind it grew into the Secret of Aurora series. My love of conspiracy’s helped me weave in the secrets and idea of controlled societies. I like writing stories that make people think twice and question how things work in our world. To seek their own truth instead of the truth they’re fed by the media etc. And I that’s present in both the Dreamer Trilogy and the Secrets of Aurora series.


Thanks very much, L.J.! You can find out more about L.J. and her books on her website. You can also connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


L.J. Higgins' latest book, Eden is now available!

Eden: Secrets of Aurora 2

The earthlings who were supposed to die during the events that ended Earth are very much alive… and they’re keeping Aurora prisoner.

Confronted by someone from her past who holds the answers to her questions, Aurora and her band of rebels embark on a mission to the floating city of Eden. They must find each piece of the puzzle, before the truth can be exposed to those still living in the floating cities.

With the guards hot on her tail, Aurora will stop at nothing to acquire the missing information. But just when she believes all of her questions have been answered, a tragic accident reveals that there was at least one more truth to discover.

Eden is available in ebook or paperback on Amazon.

Eden hardback and ereader

Don’t forget to check out Utopia, Book 1 in the Secrets of Aurora series!

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