NEW RELEASE! Once Upon a Twist: Fairy Tale Retellings With A Difference

There are popular fairy tales we all know and love, those by Hans Christian Andersen, or the Grimm brothers. Beautiful tales of love, romance, and fighting adversity. There are also traditional fairy tales with more than a smattering of blood, death, and heartbreak, but still, they grab our attention and seep into our hearts.

And then there are the others…

Fairy tales that are rarely told outside of the countries or cultures they were written in. Tales hidden deep in collections compiled long ago. Or tales that for one reason or another, just don’t receive the attention they deserve. Unusual fairy tales.

So, nine authors came together to uncover those tales. To pull them from the back of the bookshelves, open the pages of the dusty old tomes they were written in long ago, and retell them with a modern twist all our own: Once Upon a Twist: An Anthology of Unusual Fairy Tale Retellings.

And it’s available from today, 5th January, 2018. You can buy it now for the special launch price of 99c!

Nine tales spanning fantasy, love, intrigue, and magic...

Each author has come together to put their personal spin on one of these unusual tales. They’ve written in their own genre — so you’ll find everything from Romance, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, and Weird West — and they’ve each included a summary of the original tale so you can see where their inspiration struck.

Have a peek inside Once Upon a Twist…

LAURA GREENWOOD’s is a tale of an enchanted snake shifter finally meeting his mate… but he’d better be sure there’s no ladder for Autumn to escape down…

Snakes & Ladders is a Paranormal Reverse Harem story, and is book #0.5 in Autumn, from the Fated Seasons series.

Find out more about Laura’s books:

Skye graphic

SKYE MACKINNON’s is a tale of a woman alone on Mars, fighting the urge to give up and succumb to her beginning madness. When six new colonists arrive, she has new hope…

Alone is a Sci-Fi Reverse Harem story, and a spin-off from The Drowning.

Find out more about Skye’s books:

ARIZONA TAPE’s is a tale which asks: “Do you ever wonder why certain stories seem to pass the test of time while others fade as soon as they’re written? Yes? No? I bet you’re wondering about it now. Many people before you have, especially storytellers. But maybe it’s time I let you in on a little secret. Maybe it’s finally time to tell my story.”

Grimm’s Dweller is a Fantasy, and a Dweller’s of the Mind story.

Find out more about Arizona’s books:

Gina graphic

GINA WYNN’s is a tale of a fairy with broken wings, who is taken to hell by the devil’s son… so he can heal her.

Of Soot and Ash is a Paranormal Fantasy.

Find out more about Gina’s books:

ALISON INGLEBY’s is a tale of sacrifice, betrayal, and intrigue. When the disfigurement that’s tormented Jane for years mysteriously begins to fade, she’s faced with an impossible choice. Her beauty could save her. Or it will kill her. And the boy she loves.

Plain Jane is a Dystopian standalone novella.

Find out more about Alison’s books: (here!)

S M HENLEY’s is a tale from the old west of Nevada. Where the quests of an ancient enchanted moura and a werewolf intertwine in a high-action tale of love, sacrifice, and magic.

Skye Wolf is a Dark Urban Fantasy/Weird West mash-up, and introduction to the brand new Skye Quest Dark Urban Fantasy Adventure series.

Find out more about S M Henley’s books:

AMARA KENT’s is a tale of dark romance. With the help of a sexy gargoyle demon hunter, a demoness fights to prevent a powerful demon from being raised from the Underworld.

Raising Demons is a Dark Paranormal Romance, and a Hellfire Series novella.

Find out more about Amara’s books:

Amara cover

K.C. CARTER’s is a tale from Scotland. When Tamlin meets Janet, his world – the fairy world – is turned inside out. And it’s probably for the better.

Where The Wild Roses Grow is a Fantasy short story.

Find out more about K.C. Carter’s books:

D KAI WILSON-VIOLA’s is a Celtic tale of a man raised by a distant father, and living little better than a thief. Sétanta finds himself in a settlement, and pulling a job. But that job goes far from normally, and he discovers something more than a treasure that had been targeted and stumbles into his destiny.

Out Among The Stars is a Fantasy short story.

Find out more about D Kai Wilson-Viola:

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Want to read more? Get your copy of Once Upon A Twist to find out how the stories end…

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