“I read [this book] from start to finish in one sitting… did not want to put it down.”

In a dark future London, follow two young people as they discover the secrets of their city’s history and their own pasts…

Expendables cover


Two societies.
A London divided.
A history lost.

Aleesha is an Outsider. If the government find her they’ll kill her. She survives each day by looking out for herself. And trusting no one.

Trey is an Insider. He never knew what the Outside was like until he finds himself hunted by his own people for an unknown crime he didn’t commit.

Drawn together by forces outside of their control, Aleesha and Trey must learn to work together. It’s not just their lives that are at stake. It’s their country’s future.

Set in a disturbingly realistic vision of a future London, this fast-paced dystopian thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger GamesDivergent and The Maze Runner.

Expendables (The Wall Series Book 1) is now available in ebook and paperback

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Infiltrators eBook cover


They thought the truth would bring people together. Instead, they started a war.

When Aleesha and Trey hand over the secret files they found in the basement of the government headquarters to the media, they hope it will bring Insiders and Outsiders together. United, they would have the power to rebel against the oppressive government.

They’re wrong.

While the Insiders turn their backs, protected by the Wall that divides the city, Outsiders rebel in the only way they know how: riots, death and destruction.

As London erupts in violence, taking down the government’s sinister militia seems to be the only viable course of action. But what Aleesha finds inside the Metz compound will change her life – and her relationship with Trey – forever.

Infiltrators (The Wall Series Book 2) is now available in ebook and paperback

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