“I read [this book] from start to finish in one sitting… did not want to put it down.”

In a dark future London, follow two young people as they discover the secrets of their city’s history and their own pasts…

Expendables cover


One girl. A corrupt government. A secret that could shatter a country.

For twelve years, Aleesha has survived as an illegal citizen in poverty-stricken Area Four. She lives by one rule – trust no one.

When her illegal status is discovered, Aleesha is forced to join a mysterious organisation intent on taking down the corrupt government. Then she’s introduced to Trey, an Insider who’s been brought up with everything she longs for: wealth, privilege, education.

An Insider who, like her, is being hunted by the government’s sinister militia.

Aleesha wants to hate him. But Trey may be the only person who can help her find her father – the man who could be her ticket out of poverty. If she can learn to trust him.

But discovering the truth comes at a terrible price. And too late, Aleesha and Trey realize that they’re just pawns in a much bigger game…

Expendables (The Wall Series Book 1) is now available in ebook and paperback


They thought the truth would bring people together. Instead, they started a war.

When Aleesha and Trey hand over the secret files they found in the basement of the government headquarters to the media, they hope it will bring Insiders and Outsiders together. United, they would have the power to rebel against the oppressive government.

They’re wrong.

While the Insiders turn their backs, protected by the Wall that divides the city, Outsiders rebel in the only way they know how: riots, death and destruction.

As London erupts in violence, taking down the government’s sinister militia seems to be the only viable course of action. But what Aleesha finds inside the Metz compound will change her life – and her relationship with Trey – forever.

Infiltrators (The Wall Series Book 2) is now available in ebook and paperback

DEFENDERS (Book Three)

The battle for control of Area Four is over. Or is it?

Aleesha is determined to give the captured Metz officers a chance to change. But as tensions rise between Outsider gangs and the newly freed officers, events take a devastating turn and Aleesha is forced to confront her darkest fears.

Still reeling from the battle of Rose Square, Trey has his own decision to make. Does he remain Outside or listen to his mother’s pleas and return to his family’s aid?

Forced to decide between family and friends, duty and their hearts, Aleesha and Trey must decide which path to choose and if that path involves each other.

Defenders (The Wall Series Book 3) is now available in paperback and to pre-order for ebook.

Liberators cover


When it comes down to it, what do you do – protect your family or follow your heart?

Captured by the government, Aleesha is slated for execution. Only her father can save her, but doing so will put the Chain’s plans in jeopardy. Is it worth risking the future of a country to save the life of one girl?

As Trey investigates the mysterious additive in the Outsiders’ food supply, his sinister boss closes in. Acting on his suspicions could risk his incarceration and his family’s safety. But can he turn a blind eye to the truth?

As the balance of power shifts and alliances are made and broken, Aleesha and Trey must decide who to trust.

Because trust risks betrayal.

And betrayal means death.

Liberators (The Wall Series Book 4) is now available in paperback and to pre-order for ebook.

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