The Shadow Academy Series

Underneath the glistening towers of New Vegas and the white spire of the famed Royal Academy lies a city hidden from view. On the old city floor, factions war and monsters roam the streets. This is the place where criminals are sent to die. This is the place from where people will rise.

Welcome to the Shadow City…

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The Shadow Games (Book 1)

Powers make her an outcast. Fear will get her killed.

At eighteen, Vesper is driven by one ambition—to live up to her family’s expectations and win a place at the Royal Academy.

But when she fails an unexpected test, Vesper is taken from the white tower of New Vegas and dumped on the city floor—home to those the city outlaws. She quickly finds herself branded a slave in a shadow city where factions war and monsters terrorize the streets.

Most terrifying of all are the powers that Vesper and her new friends wield. Having killed once, Vesper is determined it won’t happen again. To save her friends, Vesper must learn to control her power.

And that means facing her greatest fear—that her power could destroy her.

Featuring a snarky dragon, slow burn romance and supernatural powers, this dystopian fantasy novel will appeal to fans of Red Queen, The Hunger Games and This Savage Song.

The Shadow Games is available for a limited time in the Cursed Lands box set. Get your copy for $0.99 today!

Coming Soon... Trial by Fire (A Shadow Academy Story)

Would you betray your friend for freedom?

As the daughter of one of the richest magnates in New Vegas, Daria was born into wealth and privilege. When she fails a mysterious test, she’s torn from her life of luxury and banished to the city floor to die. Instead, she discovers a dark, underground world she never knew existed.

Daria is sold to one of the factions who control the Shadow City. They want her for her power—the power to control fire. Branded a Siren, she’s doomed to a life of servitude.

But Daria will not give up her freedom that easily.

She knows it will take all her cunning and strength to find a way back home. But when the ghosts of her past rise up to haunt her, Daria realizes that the choice between freedom and slavery is not as simple as it seems.

Life is not just about survival. It’s about being the person you want to be.

Trial by Fire is an exclusive novella set in The Shadow Academy world. You can get your FREE copy when you read The Shadow Games in Cursed Lands. Get your copy today.

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