Dunvegan castle

The Faerie Flag: A Contemporary Retelling of the Scottish Legend

Falling in love with a faerie can have deadly consequences…

On a remote Scottish island, Fin MacLeod is blissfully unaware that a deadly sickness is sweeping rapidly across the world. But when he discovers his sister has succumbed to the illness, he will stop at nothing to save her and his clan.

He’ll even dare to bargain with the faeries – if they exist. 

Liùsaidh is fed up of being trapped underground by years of human occupation. When she meets Fin, she sees an opportunity for the Seelie Court to be free to roam their island again. But there are darker things than the human sickness spreading across the Isle of Skye…

When the worlds of mortal and fae collide, survival is never guaranteed. Fin and Liùsaidh’s love could save their people – or doom them all.

Set on the beautiful Isle of Skye, this contemporary fantasy retelling of the Scottish legend of the Fairy Flag of the MacLeods is a tale of magic, romance and a young man’s quest to save his people.

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